Dive into yuuvis® Ultimate

yuuvis® Ultimate lets you build new or enhance existing information management / document management solutions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with how the API and what it can do for you.

The following information provides the foundation for you to work with yuuvis® Ultimate.

Getting started

  1. How to Sign Up for the Dev Platform
  2. Quick Start: API Intro Guide

API Components

  1. Admin - Schema administration and system metrics endpoints
  2. MultiView - Rendition services endpoints
  3. YADB - Yet Another Database endpoints
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How to

The following descriptions provide an introduction to yuuvis® Ultimate. Learn how to upload documents (objects) into your centralized storage, retrieve and manage them. If you are new to content services and document management systems, please go through them in the order in which they are listed below. This order represents a logical progression in the knowledge of the product.

Please note that we use Java code samples for our "How to" descriptions.

  1. Import and Store Documents (single / multiple / compound document / retention)
  2. Retrieve Documents (via ObjectID / search endpoint using query language)
  3. Retrieve the History Entries of a Document (structure / retrieving entries / entry types)
  4. Update Documents (metadata / content / versioning)
  5. Delete Documents (document / version / link document / compound document)
  6. Rendition Requests (file types / extraction service)
  7. Schema Definition (retrieve, validate and update endpoints / structure)
  8. Glossary